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World Stamp Exhibitions cancel & postponment
Due to the Corona epidemic, the global organization "FIP" announced the posponment and cancellation of several exhibitions: * London 2020 postponed to February 2022 * Indonesia 2020 was postponed for November * Bulgaria 2020 was canceled Complete health for everyone!
Due to the current situation the Shovel will not be sent by mail and you can read it in the attached PDF file
Disinfection of mail during epidemics
Dr. Hedy Feibel, a veteran stamp collector and dear friend sent us an example of two different periods and two different forms of disinfectant. The first was sent from Bucharest, Wallachia, in 1811 at the time of the epidemic to Harmanstadt (now Sibiu, Romania). Disinfection by stove insertion. Sent via Austrian Post. The second letter was sent in January 1803 from Marseille, France, to Barcelona, Spain, during the yellow fever epidemic that awaited the Iberian Peninsula. This time the autoclave was performed With vinegar

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