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IPF Activity hours during Passover
Dear friends, In Chol Hamoed IPF will be active on Sunday and Tuesday between 9:00-13:00. On Thursday, the eve of the second festival - will be closed as well as the library. We wish you all a happy holiday!
Philatelic Fair- MondayMay 6th 2019
The Philatelic fair will be held on Monday, May 6th 2019 , between 12-17 at the Shivat Zion Synagogue events hall, Ben Yehuda Str. 86 Tel Aviv. Sellers who want to rent a table please contact Zvi Polak from the Tel Aviv Philatelic Club 0524667864. Free entrance for buyers
This unique prestigious stamp album, which is also a fascinating book, is rich in information and exquisite photos. The album presents and documents the Israeli experience through stamps. A wonderful, special and exciting gift! The album contains all the stamps issued in 2018. Price: 249 NIS.

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