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Philatelic Fair - On Tuesday 6th October 2015
The stamp fair will take place in Dizengoff Center, Tel Aviv at minus 1 Floor (near Shekem Electric)between 12:00 - 17:00. Free apprisal by the stamp dealers. A special cancellation related to the Bible stories will be issued.
New issue No.130-131 Summer 2015. Price:90 NIS or 25US$ to philatelists abroad (delivery included). Payment- by PayPal account
The stamp collection of the late Zvi Alexander, that was donated to the Eretz Israel Museum, is now on the web. The impressive website allows the users to study and explore philatelic items that tell the story of the postal history of Israel beginning in the 15th till 1948 - the birth of the State of Israel. Concept and construction - Mr. Zvi Aloni, the Curator of The Alexander Collection. On the right: Postcard that was sent from Gedera to California by the Turkis post in 27/9/1914

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