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The next Philatelic Fair -Debora Hotel Tel Aviv
The next fair will take place at Deborah Hotel, Ben Yehuda Street 87. For details: Zvi Pollak 052-4667864
New book
The Israel Philatelic Federation is proud to publish a new book of the Society of the Postal History of Eretz Israel: Zvi Aloni 1915, Vol. I: Official Postal Services: Postal Administration of British Mandate, Minhelet Ha'am and Israel. This research is the fourth in the series of the Postal History of the Transition Period in Israel 1948, after three previous publication: Vol. II part 1- Jerusalem and Safad Postal Services in the Transition Period Vol. II part 2 - The Emergency, Local and Private Postal Services Vol. III - Israel Foreign Postal Links. Price: 220 NIS to IPF members

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